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Ingredients Used In Lumiere de Melon PLUS Are Research Proven

Supplementation With Gliadin-combined Plant Superoxide Dismutase Extract Promotes Antioxidant Defences And Protects Against Oxidative Stress

It is concluded that supplementation with gliadin-combined standardized melon SOD extract promoted the cellular antioxidant status and protected against stress-induced cell death.

Double Blind Placebo Controlled Trial To Evaluate Of The Effectiveness At A Dietary Supplement Rich In Carotenoids As Adjunct To Tropical Lightening Cream For Treatment Of Melasma: A Pilot Study

Oral supplements containing carotenoid are potential adjuncts in melasma treatment.

Glutathione And Its Anti-Aging And Anti-Melanogenic Effects

We showed that oral glutathione, 25mg/d in both reduced and oxidized forms effectively influences skin properties. Overall, glutathione in both forms are well tolerated.
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